Which is Your Body Type? Exercise Tips by Body Type

Which is Your Body Type? Exercise Tips by Body Type

Which is Your Body Type? Exercise Tips by Body Type

It is possible to see many people who have perfect physique in your daily life without doing sports or dieting. These people appear as the best representatives of the legacy from a genetic coding. While you can not gain weight with regular carbohydrate consumption or lose weight by dieting regularly, they have the body structure you want from birth. At this point, you may need to say “I am overweight because of my genetic traits after all, but I do not have to fight any war to get rid of your weight without worrying about this situation.” You should know that although some people are lucky, some people can easily reach their desired body type with the effort they give. First, by taking the necessary information about body types of nutrition by body type, you should definitely read this article to have an idea about the subject. Genetic body types are divided into 3 as an ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

What is Ectomorphic Body? How should the nutrition and exercise program be?

People with this body type have a high degree of difficulty in gaining weight because of the thinness of the joint structure as well as long and lean muscle fibers. The body structure that looks fragile when looked outside is entirely due to narrow shoulders and crooked arms.

In order for this body type to look good, it needs an intensive training program as well as a high-calorie meal program. They need to avoid calorie burning by keeping the repetitions of your movements at the lowest level while training. Cardio exercises before training are the enemies of people with this body type. Therefore, it should keep the duration of cardio exercises as short as possible.

What is the Endomorph Body? How should the nutrition and exercise program be?

Metabolism of such people whose body lines round do not work very fast. Therefore, their tendency to gain weight is very high. We can see that the muscle structure is kept secretly due to the fat structure accumulated in the arm and leg. It will be done at the same time because it is very easy for these people to gain weight exercises by body type. It will be very easy for them to gain muscle mass. Although its arm and leg structures seem small, it is much more durable than people with ectomorphic structure.

Exercise programs of people with this body type should be done with cardio training focused on fat burning. Cardio exercises, combined with weight-lifting workouts, are extremely important for maintaining muscle mass. The important thing is that they focus on weight loss. By consuming a lot of protein foods, they should get rid of their initial excess weight and then start to shape their body.

What is Mesomorphic Body? How should the nutrition and exercise program be?

We can say that the people with the mesomorphic structure are the luckiest among these 3 groups. When viewed from the genetic condition, they stand out with their thick and extremely strong bone structures and broad shoulder, thin waist, and low-fat ratios. Due to the athletic nature of the body, they can be very successful in bodybuilding sports. People with mesomorphic body type who exercise for the first time can quickly see the effect of muscle training.

As for the exercise program, people with this body type should keep weight and cardio workouts together. Exercises such as weight and cardio, which will be done for 4 days a week, will show its effect in a very short time in order for them to get the body they want.

You have body types, it is completely shaped by your efforts. Some people reach the body they want very easily, while others reach it as a result of a long effort. For this reason, we recommend that you continue your work with Sport & Merits without giving up on your dreams and giving up on many challenges.

Which is Your Body Type? Exercise Tips by Body Type