What is a Ketogenic Nutrition

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What is a Ketogenic Nutrition

Ketogenic Nutrition / Diet 101

Ketogenic nutrition is realized by adapting the main fuel source used by the body for energy from glucose (obtained by carbohydrate) to ketone (obtained by fat) by taking the 3 main basic food sources, fat, carbohydrate and protein (i.e. macros) into the body in certain proportions. After adaptation, our body now begins to burn ketones, that is, fats, as the main fuel.

Our body’s adaptation to burning fat in ketogenic nutrition

It is a matter of process for our body to adapt to burning fat. You go to the car master and put a kit in your gasoline car so that you can go with the gas and go to a doctor and let me get a kit for this body, not glucose anymore. How to do this in the genes from your grandparents is coded, but in order to do so, the same conditions must be created in their time.

Glucose stores in your body should be finished and you should not take carbohydrate, which is a source of more glucose, in your body. “Aaaa, there is no carbohydrate that will make glucose, so let’s turn those fats we have into ketones and start burning ketones.” I should say.

Although this process is different for everyone, it starts when there is no glucose to be used for everyone and it becomes the most efficient between 7-14 days. Of course, you will follow the main rule! (Not to exceed daily net 20gr carbohydrate intake).

If you say I want to start burning ketone very quickly, you need to dissolve the glucose stores in your body as soon as possible and you can do this by using the 3 methods mentioned below or using all three:

  • By increasing your physical activity – walking a lot
  • By consuming lots of healthy fats in the beginning Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil
  • Keeping short fasts – Eating your food in an 8-hour slice in a 24-hour day, just like drinking water in a 16-hour slice.

Will I feel any changes while adapting to the oil?

Since we will experience a metabolic change in the process of adaptation, you may have a process called KETO Flu, where you may feel a little sluggish and offended. Although this is experienced in different degrees for everyone, it is much lighter in areas with enough minerals and salt that it lost with water during the initial process.

During this process, you may feel a smell like acetone in your mouth and a sharp smell in your urine. These will take place in the later stages of adaptation, they exist only in the adaptation period. If you look from the positive side, your body gives you the signals that you are trying to burn ketones in this way.

The best part is that you realize that you are starting to adapt to the fat by increasing your energy, feeling psychologically good, and realizing the emotions that will make you feel very good as you can maintain your concentration longer. 5 basic indicators that show that you are adapting to oil:

  1. You will feel much more energetic – you can declare a superhero yourself!
  2. Your feeling of hunger will decrease – If you are an office worker, when your friends say “let’s go to lunch”, you can look at the clock and say “stop or what time it is I am not hungry, but I will say that I am not hungry.
  3. Berrak Beyin – As if you were making a decision so far, your head was in a cloud of fog, because now you burn fat, this fog cloud is scattered and you will have a very clear and accurate feeling. Now you can feel like I am very smart attention!
  4. Physical endurance – Whatever you do for very long hours, your body will continue to provide you with energy to keep it up or do something new. You won’t get tired as fast as you used to.
  5. Decrease in body fat ratio – Since your body burns fat, you will experience thinning in your fat storage areas.

I do not leave my job to chance.

Start Ketogenic Nutrition / Diet Now!

If you say that I do not want to deal with the details of this work, I want to eat ketogenic immediately:

  • You will limit your daily carbohydrate intake to 20 g. (This is indispensable for you, and for this you will be removing bread and sugar from your life and you will be very happy and healthy for doing this!)
  • You will get 80% grams of protein that you want to be. (If 100 kilos and your target is 70 kilos, 56 grams of protein, if 80 kilos and your goal is 70 kilos, again 56 grams of protein)
  • You will consume plenty of oil at the beginning. (Then you will need to adjust your fat intake for weight loss or weight protection. Give an example of the abundant fat issue. If you think this is very relative, you can eat 1-1.5 times the weight of your target weight initially.)

Even this seems difficult to me, I am accustomed to the lists given to me by dieticians, but I can do it that way, I learn more over time, just come to those who call it a list to start with! If you really want to log in so fast, please do not forget to learn the details of the Ketogenic diet while applying this list for 5-10 days. Even and even our advice is to contact your doctor or nutritionist:

They will be eaten for a day:

  • 2-3 Eggs – Either make butter eggs or eat boiled
  • 2 matchbox-sized cheddar – either on your own or later on with the salad
  • 10 black / green olives
  • Green salad (Ex: Arugula salad) and at least 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • A handful of raw almonds
  • 1 chicken breast / 8 meatballs / A large slice of meat – whether grilled or boiled or barbecued
  • Half a plate of boiled cauliflower or broccoli – pour olive oil or cream over it
  • 2 lt water and 1 bottle of soda per day
  • Salt and magnesium supplements are essential to replace mineral loss.

We would like to remind you again: This list is just for you to quickly start a ketogenic diet.

Those who are consciously eating Ketogenic macros; namely protein, carbohydrate and fat amounts; they follow in terms of being controlled. Therefore, when they see this list, they may have some reproach but please do not forget that everyone should not expect the same motivation! Some people may want to get to work and get more information about the subject in the next process. Below you can find the Ketogenic Shopping List for beginners. Generally, it is recommended for beginners to stay away from yogurt, to eat home yogurt after adapting to fat.

Macros – Carbohydrate Fat Protein

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats that we take from foods are called macros. There are mostly two or 3 macros in the foods we receive and the foods that are categorized in the folk language according to which macro the food we receive contains more. For example, potatoes are in the carbohydrate category since they contain a lot of protein and contain a lot of carbohydrates; Likewise, although antrkot contains some oil, it is mostly evaluated in the protein category since it contains protein.

If you are going to be ketogenic, you should look at all the ingredients of the food, as the amount of carbohydrates is the macro you will follow carefully. There are many free applications and software on the market where you can easily do this. Fatsecret, my fitnesspall etc.

Since you will not be able to comment on a job you cannot measure, all your decisions for improvement will be blindly and often fail! Therefore, it is not only valid for diets – Do not attempt any work you cannot measure, you will lose time reminding us! In the image below you can see which foods are in which category.

The calorie values โ€‹โ€‹of macronutrients and sample foods that fall into that category are as follows:

  • Carbohydrates – 4 calories (Bread, Sugar, Potato, Rice)
  • Protein – 4 calories (Red and white meat, fish, eggs)
  • Fat – 9 calories (Olive Oil, Almond, Avocado)

I am tired of reading this much information read and read, now we seemed to hear me how you say I am weak with this diet and diet, even some of you have left without reading these lines. Therefore, we immediately switch to the section on how we can weaken, but knowing this information and mechanisms basically will be very useful for your future research.

Slimming With Ketogenic Nutrition Diet

Our body is now adapted to burning fat and everything works perfectly, so how do we lose weight? Very easy! By taking fewer calories than the amount of calories we need daily. So how do we calculate this? Very simple


When you answer 3-5 questions asked through this link, it will give you how much carbohydrate, protein and fat you need to take daily. The main things to note here are:

  • Exceeding 20gr carbohydrate otherwise it can mix which fuel the body should burn, and ketone can slow or stop burning.
  • Do not neglect to take as much protein as you need Otherwise, you may lose muscle and fall sluggishly and lose health because the muscles cannot get enough nutrients.
  • Exceeding the specified amount of oil, even if your adaptation to fat is complete, you can lose weight faster if you get under the specified number.

What people who are overweight with a ketogenic diet, especially high-weight people basically say they are not hungry and they can lose weight very quickly discourses especially emphasize this form of nutrition. You can become a member of the Ketogenic Diet Solidarity facebook group to get more detailed information and support. You can also watch the first video of the KETO HEAD youtube channel recently opened by one of these facebook group moderators, Meggy Ozyel.

Abundant sports and healthy days!

What is a Ketogenic Nutrition