How To Kinesis Exercise?

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How To Kinesis Exercise?

Increasing your body’s flexibility and endurance Kinesis is a type of instrument that relies on running multiple muscles together.

These four different systems, called alpha, beta, delta, and gamma, each have the ability to work on a particular muscle group. They shaped the human body by doing postural analysis from different angles. Thanks to the design of the kinesis device, performing every movement at a certain angle provides movement in certain parts of the body and the effect on weights and muscle groups can be changed.

Thanks to Kinesis, arms, legs, chest, abdomen, and back can work together. You can also support your joints and spine at the right angles.

You can lose weight and get in shape in a short time.

Kinesis helps to give the body flexibility and endurance without strain. It is also a very effective method of working to correct posture disorders in those who are standing all day or who have to sit at a computer all the time.

Kinesis Instrument;

  1. It can be used easily by everyone.
  2. Since it is a pulley system, weights can be shifted to any point.
  3. It can be applied as forward, side, ground lifting.
  4. 250 motion combinations can be made.

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