How to Apply Flat Bench Dumbell Press?

How to Apply Flat Bench Dumbell Press?

How to Apply Flat Bench Dumbell Press?

There are a lot of exercises you can do on the day when you are going to do chest exercises. One of them is a flat bench dumbbell press movement.

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How is Flat Bench Dumbell Press Movement Applied?

In working with dumbbells, all parts of your body work independently. Therefore, it works more stabilizing muscles.

Controlling dumbbells is more difficult than controlling Barbells. It provides a certain range of motion with dumbbells.

The flat dumbbell press movement is suitable for applying before a heavy chest workout.

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For the movement;

Lie on the flat bench with dumbbells on both hands. Your feet should be comfortable, slightly open, and flat on the floor to provide balance.

When you lay down on the bench, lift the dumbbells. The arms should be completely perpendicular to the ground and the dumbbells should be at a distance that touches each other. This is your starting position.

Take your breath and start downloading the dumbbells at a slightly slower pace. Your forearms will descend perpendicularly to the ground.

When you go down to the bottom, lift your dumbbells very quickly by exhaling without waiting.

Slowly lower the dumbbells by breathing without waiting above.

In this way, repeat your count and complete your movement.

An important note; When you complete the movement, you should not leave the dumbbells on the floor in a supine position. When you have completed your movement, join the dumbbells on your chest and place them one by one after the bench is straightened. This way, your chest muscles will not be damaged.


Regions Run by Flat Bench Dumbell Press Movement?

Pectorals – Chest Muscles

Deltoids – Shoulder

Triceps – Rear Arm

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