Habits and Recommendations to Extend Your Life

Habits and Recommendations to Extend Your Life

Habits and Recommendations to Extend Your Life

Adding life to my life

I think we all dream of being immortal. At least as of today, immortality is a dream, but it is possible to live long and healthy by including some habits in our lives. In their clinical studies, the researchers made some conclusions about our overall life span and the possibility of developing chronic diseases by examining factors such as smoking, physical activity, drinking habits, weight management and diet.

Dr. Massachusetts University professor, who conducted one of these studies. Look what Frank Hu said:

We wanted to see that you can not only expect the expectation that healthy eating and regular exercise will prolong your life, but you can also extend your life in a way away from chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In our studies, we wanted to look at extending the life span, especially from diseases.

Yes, it is very nice to live long, but it is good to live actively without any disease, where we feel well, when we live long. I guess nobody wants to live with pain and trouble.

Work to Extend Your Life

In a study on 73,000 registered nurses and 40,000 registered male healthcare personnel in the USA, the risk factors related to these individuals were created by examining the following factors.

  • Smoking
  • 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • Alcohol use
  • Body mass index
  • Good and high quality nutrition

In line with this risk profile, these individuals were followed for 20 years in line with the above factors and see what was found.

What should I do to live long?

As a result of the study, it has been determined that especially those who have adapted the above-mentioned 5 factors to their lives have become prominent in terms of health and long life, especially after their 50s.

Healthy Aging and Living Long

For healthy aging, to add a lifetime to your life and for a quality life, stay away from smoking, alcohol and obesity, exercise for 30 minutes every day, eat well and quality! This is not just an investment you will make for the future, but it will be your key to a better quality life today.

Abundant sports and healthy days

Habits and Recommendations to Extend Your Life