Exercises to Prevent Posture Disorder

Exercises to Prevent Posture Disorder

Exercises to Prevent Posture Disorder

Particularly, the common complaints of people who work at the desk for a very long time come across as back pain and posture.

Postural disturbance, back pain, hunchback… The reason for all this is due to leaning on the table and staying motionless for a long time. However, it should not be forgotten that posture disorder can also manifest itself due to neglect in childhood or developmental period.

However, you can take a few minutes a day and avoid the posture disorder with hunchback exercises that you can easily put into a routine and have a chance to get a much healthier body.

Here is the hunchback and one-to-one body exercises for posture disorder;


Pilates is an exercise that helps balance the whole body and is very useful for the muscles to reach an ideal position. In the pilaf, which is also very useful for posture disorder, if you are at the beginning stage, what you will be asked in the first lesson is to sit upright and do the right breathing exercises. Although it seems easy, the body and abdominal muscles of individuals who are not accustomed to an upright posture have a lot of difficulty in this exercise. If you want to create a more upright posture position, you can rest your body on the wall and do breathing exercises in the beginning, morning and evening.


This exercise will apply for posture disorder Another exercise that will challenge you. To do this exercise that helps the back muscles work, you are expected to lie down on the floor by placing a towel on the mat you have laid on the floor and then placing your back on this towel and your knees are broken, and the soles of your feet are raised to the floor slightly. Then all you have to do is wait 30 seconds and touch the hip again. Do not forget to check your breathing while practicing this movement. Breathe while raising your hip, hold your breath while in the air, and exhale while lowering it again.


Half push-ups are very important for strengthening your back muscles and improving posture. In the half push-up exercise, which is of great importance for the postural disorder, you should open your palms at shoulder level and stand at a 45-degree angle to the ground at your toes; then you have to bend the elbows slightly and approach the ground and get up. Be careful not to get too close to the ground while leaning over.


Door skills will provide great help in this exercise, which they can easily apply in any environment for those who have posture problems. By breaking your arms from your elbows, you should be positioned so that your palms and arms touch the walls on either side of the door. Then you have to go as far forward as you can by leaning yourself forward. It will be enough to repeat this exercise 20-30 times, which will allow you to get half the push-up effect standing.


Posture disorder Pilates movements and pilates equipment will be of great help to you when working out your back muscles to prevent the problem. Stretch the Pilates band at your chest level and pull your arms gently towards your back to work your muscles. While doing this application, your hands should be at the shoulder level and you should definitely feel the tension on your back.

Exercises to Prevent Posture Disorder