10 Countries 10 Flavors

10 Countries 10 Flavors

10 Countries 10 Flavors

We hear, see and read delicious dishes from the world cuisine. Although some dishes are quite far from our food culture, we are wondering whether or not they want it.

We researched 10 dishes from 10 different countries for you. Indeed, although some dishes are far from my taste, I would like to try at least once as they are the most famous dishes of their country. This article, which is a food recommendation for our valued readers, who often change countries due to business or who has an adventurous spirit, will not be able to go abroad for now and will be very useful for our readers who want to try different tastes.

1.Georgia – Khachapuri


As a flavor, it is very similar to the laz pita, which is often mentioned in the Black Sea cuisine. The pita, which is cooked with plenty of cheese, is served by breaking the egg on top of it, out of the oven.

2.Egypt – Molokhia


Molokhia is a plant that grows in Egypt. Food also gets its name from this plant. Vegetables are placed on the plate without any treatment. While rice and vegetables are certain on the plate, the type of meat you put is now up to you.

3.Azerbaijan – Stuffed Leaves


The stuffed leaf, which is the food that I feel like when I see the image, is one of the most famous dishes of Azerbaijan. Some say that the shape of stuffed wraps this way, while others say it should be more plump and rectangular. If you ask me, my answer is, “It doesn’t matter!”

Canada – Poutine


It is very popular and popular in its country poutineis a delicious dish with lots of sauce. To put it roughly, it is a dish made by pouring garlic cheese and then gravy sauce on fried potatoes such as pomegranate.

5.Argentina – Asado


Asado, which gradually takes its place in famous Turkish restaurants, is a great taste for meat lovers. Also known as Argentine Delight or Argentine Steak. Served by adding saffron sauce on top of beef or lamb ribs.

Belgium – Moules Frites


Moules Frites, which can be counted as a snack or a snack rather than as a meal, can be called mussel – french fries.

7.Brazil – Feijoda

Our current meal is from South America. in feijoais a dish consisting of mexican beans and steak. You can also add rice and vegetables if you want.

8.Netherlands – Soused Herring


A special fish called Herring is marinated with wine, sugar and spices and served between pickles or in between.

9.Hungary – Gulas


Perhaps among the dishes on this list, it is the food that is the closest to us in terms of taste. Goulash. It is also served in Hungary or Czechoslovakia by putting it in a bread-shaped soup plate.

10.Venezuela – Arepas


arepas The most important and delicious place of the dish named is the bread made from corn flour. It is also said to be a meal that can be found very easily in Venezuela. You are free to put the ingredients you want between bread made from corn flour.

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